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The Problem

Go ask anyone in your organization to explain their benefits package and how they know it's the best plan for them. 

Don't feel bad. If you're like most companies, you already know the answer before you leave your desk. 

Hiring great talent is tough, and the right benefits can be a deal breaker for potential employees.

Benefits are complex and always changing, ask your HR team if they have the capacity to keep up.

We're talking about 1/3 of your people's pay, and their future. You can't afford not to get benefits right.

Our Solution

A Customized Benefits Plan for Each Employee Based on Their Needs,

All within a Total Premium Limit Set by the Employer

[ How it works ]

Employers set a total premium limit for each employee 

We craft a plan within the premium limit to match your needs

We update you with any changes that need to be made

Employees answer a few simple questions about their needs

You get a benefits summary that you will understand


You can have your cake and eat it too

(We work in insurance and still serve you with a smile)


Remarkable Service

Knowing bazillions of legal requirements

(Watching Fox, CNN, NBC, and even C-SPAN for you)


Legal Guidance

We deal with the carriers for you

(Like sitting on hold for hours only to have the call drop) 


HR Support

Translating terrible carrier documents

(Somehow fitting 150 pages into 3)


Easy to Understand

Explaining coinsurance and copays coherently

(And alliteration as a bonus)


Employee Education


Finding a plan that fits your budget

(Like finding hay in a needle stack - yes, you read that right)

Meeting Group Needs


Showing you how to beat your competitors

(Nothing shows that you're the best like cold, hard data)

Benchmarking Tools


Excluding bankruptcies and buy-outs

(And those weren't our fault)

99% Client Retention

We always have your back

(Better than your chiropractor)


Employer Support


Fixing dental claims filed as a foot surgery

(You might want to look into alternative dentists)

Claims Assistance

  In other words...  

  with us  

  without us  

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