Frequently asked questions

Do employees or employers select the health insurance plans?

With us, employers select the total coverage cost they are able to pay per employee, and then each employee chooses which coverage they need and how much of it they want within the total premium set by the employer. It's like going to the grocery store. Your employer gives each employee $20, but some people may spend it on baby food and diapers, while others may spend it on a family size pack of chicken parmesan, depending on that employee's needs.

When am I eligible to apply?

Great question, that depends on a few factors, but feel free to give us a call or email and we can tell you - (770) 643-5444,

How do I file a claim, appeal, or reimbursement?

Call or email us and we can start the process with you - (770) 643-5444, No mountains of forms or armies of automated call options, just a real person who cares and wants to help.

How does the affordable care act effect my company?

Great question! It's hard to answer without knowing your business, though, because the law varies widely based on a number of factors. Feel free to reach out here and tell us about your company, and we will give you a clear and concise answer.

Do you help communicate my employee's benefits to them?

Yes! We connect with each of your employees to ensure they each have clarity on their benefits, whether that means emailing, calling, texting, sending carrier pigeons, or creating smoke signals.

What do your services cost?

Nothing! At least, not for you. We are paid by the carriers, and we don’t have contracts. So, if you give us a shot and decide you want to use another benefits company, you’re free to move on.

Can you help set up new company plans?

Yes! Congrats on the new company, we can't wait to hear all about it!

Where do you specialize in geographically?

While we have a Southeastern United States focus, we do business across 30 states from Florida to California. We don't mind racking up those frequent flyer miles.